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In 2010, the very first USA CADASIL family conference and scientific symposium were presented with a collaboration from CADASIL Together We Have Hope Non-Profit and United Leukodystrophy Foundation.

During the family conference it was announced that both organizations would be working together for CADASIL and established an account exclusively for CADASIL research.

January 2014, after 4 years, the researchers were notified about the $ 25,000.00 grant opportunity.   

June 10, 2014 it was announced a $25,000.00 CADASIL Research Grant was awarded to Fabrice Dabertrand, Ph.D. of the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Congratulation to Dr. Dabertrand.  

Dr. Debertrand, explained what they will be using the grant for:  The active regions of the brain trigger rapid and local elevations of blood flow ensure an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen. This process is known as neurovascular coupling requires a precise communication from astrocytes to arterioles. Using a CADASIL mouse model developed by our collaborator Dr. Anne Joutel, we will test whether the presence of a CADASIL-causing mutation in the NOTCH3 gene alters the communication between astrocytes and arterioles during neurovascular coupling.

We wish to thank everyone who has  donated funds and thank the ULF for their dedication and commitment  to CADASIL.


CADASIL Together We Have Hope NonProfit Organization
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