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Good morning! I appreciate all of the things shared here.
I’m almost 52 and just got the results back this past Friday. I’ve just contacted my neurologist this morning to see where we go from here.
I’m terrified of what “no cure” and what management of symptoms will look like going forward from here, especially since I have 2 young children (7 and almost 10).
I started taking L-arginine on Sunday and already feel some better. I’ve had headaches everyday since early February and feel some relief and less fog.
I’m increasing my walking (I was good with exercise until the major migraines hit in February and have been exhausted ever since) after reading how important that will be.
Any insights and encouragement are appreciated. My mom is 75 and in a memory care facility with vascular dementia most likely from CADASIL. Scary to picture myself like that.
Y’all have a good day...thanks in advance!

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