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5 years back I was diagnosed with CADASIL. Was diagnosed after a genetic test post a stroke. Stroke affected a portion of my frontal brain i.e the portion with memory and speech.

Last 5 years have been good and I have kept up with my exercise, still do, eat a Mediterranean diet and have been trouble free. I have run 3 half marathons over the last 5 years And for the last 2 years no MRIs or dr. visits.

I have been noticing off late that I am not the same self as I was 5 or 10 years back. I have lost confidence in what I say and what I do ?

For example the answer or the solution will be right in front of me and staring at my face but the words OR that my mind will say go get it but it will not translate into words or action. This has happened at least 5 times before in the last year alone.

I am slowly getting scared of driving on new roads and taking risks.

Is this one of the symptoms of CADASIL ?

Please help.


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How old are you? A neurologist told me just the other day that it can be hard to distinguish between symptoms of normal aging and CADASIL (I guess he meant when the "symptoms" could reasonably be either one). Those symptoms you listed sound familiar. At 63, I feel older than I think I should feel at this age -- but I have never been 63 before, so who knows. I try hard not to think about it and just assume that so far, so good. Your regime sounds like mine--except I get far less exercise than you do. Good for you and best wishes.

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I am waiting for the genetic test to come back to confirm but Dr is 90% sure.  I had 9 mini strokes and other symptoms and they did all the heart tests there are so it's not that.  I also am very slow and scared of driving new roads especially at night and I am only 39 and was never scared of driving before.

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My husband has been having similar episodes quite often. He was diagnosed almost 20 years ago and since then has had two minor strokes. Sp far he is not worried about driving. He is going to see a neuropsychologist in a few weeks. It's really important to be able to identify whether, as Barb says, it's to do with the Cadasil or just ageing, Can you see a specialist?
Having a great neurologist throughout has been a great help to us both and we have been managing quite well up until the past year or so.

Posts: 30
2 years later I thought this would go away but this still persists. But so far so good. No stroke episodes in 7+ years. do get an aura infrequently which subsides with motrin.
Do take Aspirin everyday.

Exercise has not reduced neither has the Mediterranean diet. Ran a half marathon this spring and planning to run a marathon in 2016.

And I am still confused about new roads though on familiar roads I can easily drive confidently

for topics that I know cold - I can talk confidently 


Scared to partake in topics I have little knowledge on

and still lack confidence in speaking up.

Are there strategies to combat lack of confidence ?
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