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My husband and I are struggling with the decision of whether or not to have genetic testing done on me. I have had migraine with aura for over 20 years and I have recently had 5 hemiplegic migraines.  My MRI shows lesions consistant with ischemic strokes.  My mother suffers from classic migraine and my grandmother died of massive stroke after having classic migraine her entire adult life.

I am 43, and have 2 sons aged 22 and 18 - the 18 yr old does suffer occasional migraines.  The issue we are having is, what benefit will we have from knowing definitively?  Will any treatment plans change?  I'm struggling with worrying that I'll feel like I have a dark cloud over me at all times.  And if I'm positive, then when do we tell our children?  And what are the insurance repercussions?

Please...  Any insight from people who have experienced these issues and many others before me is so greatly appreciated!

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